The Soap Shop

Handmade is Better!

The Five Soap Shop Truths
1. We support our community and think buying local is important. That’s why everything in our shop is handcrafted right here!
2. Your skin is your largest organ and what it absorbs eventually gets into your bloodstream. Since we care about your health we only use organic or grown without pesticide ingredients. Using naturally grown ingredients is better for you and leaves a lighter footprint on our planet!
3. We respect all life on our planet and choose to use only vegan, plant, or mineral-based ingredients.
4. We love the Rocky Mountains and our products reflect our relaxed, outdoor lifestyle. Mother Nature is an inspiration for everything we do!
5. All of our products have one last important ingredient: Love!
We realize that we are all connected, and by taking care of each other, we take care of ourselves.
— Shonna Mangeris

The Idea

"Years ago, I would go to the health food store to find creams with healthy ingredients.  Everything had parabens in the preservative as well as alcohols and other toxic ingredients.  At the time I chose to blend essential oils with pure coconut oil to use as a moisturizer.  I created this line of product to give people a healthy alternative, ingredients that heal the skin, ingredients that have a gentle imprint on the planet and are in harmony with both."

Shonna Mangeris took The Soap Shop on its current adventure starting over 10 years ago! She has been making soap for over 20 years and today has created some of the healthiest handcrafted Bath & Body Products you can buy!

10 years later the company has expanded into wholesale operations with a warehouse and opened a second store front in the Upscale Neighborhood Cherry Creek North.



Style & Quality

Roger Duke is Production Manager and has been with company since its start! He is extremely qualified with his Chemistry Degrees, and ensures that all Soap Shop quality standards are met!  Roger and staff produces over 250,000 bars of soap a year!!

All products are made with Organic Base Oils, Unrefined Oils, Non-GMO ingredients, and vegan ingredients! There are no parabens or chemicals found in our products, and our Palm Oil is Rainforest Alliance Certified!

We use Pure Essential Oils and Phthalate Free Fragrance Oils, because not only do we want to smell good, we also want to be healthy!


100% Handmade

All of our Bath & Body Product are all Handcrafted in Idaho Springs, CO! That's how we know that no corners are cut and that our customers receive the best quality products available.

We are one of the largest Handcrafted Soap Producers in Colorado, and its always hands- on when mixing a batch.

Handmade is Healthy!